Duncan Roscoe

Janet and Duncan - steak and mushroom pie - hey presto!Duncan became a day student at first, travelling from home each day to work in the workshops and spending his lunch break in one of the houses where he could meet with other students and co-workers. Duncan was a very anxious young man who found it very difficult to socialise. He stretched the workshop leaders’ creativity thinking up ways to get him through the workshop door each day but gradually, with inordinate patience on behalf of the staff, Duncan did begin to be more co-operative and communicative.

After one year, Duncan became a full-time resident of Juniper House and looking back, this was probably a turning point for Duncan. He had a room of his own with all his possessions and, living alongside co-workers who came from all over the world, he is experiencing different culture first hand, notably eating many different foods – unbelievable! Duncan takes his share of chores by helping with the cooking and being responsible for the recycling bins. He works in the Bakery, Pottery, Craft and Textiles workshops through the week where he has learned many skills.  He has a super trike which he likes to use in the better weather, cycling in the grounds.

Time has flown by quickly and now almost 10 years later, Duncan has made huge strides.

At the end of the summer of 2013, he moved with his housemates into the brand new purpose-built Sycamore House. He thoroughly enjoyed showing visitors around his new home at the open days and did a fantastic job.  When one of the visitors said to Duncan “What a great house, I’d like to live here”, as quick as a flash, he responded “You can’t.  It’s mine!” He likes his new room and the privacy of an en-suite shower room.  The house is light and bright with several lounge areas for socialising.

However, when all the excitement died down from the house opening, it became clear that a lot of Duncan’s old routines had changed and he was quite unsettled for a period of time both in the house and workshops.  Life does have its ups AND downs!

These problems were ironed out, Duncan was encouraged to establish new routines in the new house and he is now back to his old self.  Everyone knows that moving house is one of the hardest things to do!

He takes part in and enjoys many of the celebrations and parties held throughout the year. He has recently started making jam which he loves doing.  He is rightly proud of the produce and likes to show it off to everyone.

Duncan returns home for weekend visits on a regular basis and there are close links between home and the community, with plenty of opportunity for family involvement. Camphill Blair Drummond has provided a safe, unique learning environment where Duncan can live and work, enabling him to become more independent and allowing him to have a purposeful, happy life.

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