Our structure

Camphill Blair Drummond Trust Ltd is a Scottish charity (registered number SC001917). It is a limited company governed by a Board of Directors who meet on a regular basis as a Council of Management to oversee its operations and strategic direction.

The members of the Council of Management, who currently number nine, are professionals, parents and local people who bring with them a wide range of skills and knowledge, and include (at October 2013):

John Scott (Chair)
John Carson (Vice-chair)
Dave Mitchell
Robert Brown
Rene Graham
Ros Shiffner
Sue Muir

The operational functions of Camphill Blair Drummond are led by the Director of Operations, assisted by seven members of the Management Team, all of whom have specific areas of responsibility as noted:

Jason Glass – Director of Operations
Sandra Sabiston
– Assistant Director
Nigel Munt – Residential Care Manager
John Hunter – Residential Care Manager
Gerry McKeown – Day Service Manager
Jim O’Connor – Maintenance Manager
Jean West – Finance and Admin Manager

In total there are 98 members of staff, 37 full-time volunteer co-workers and 25 volunteers. The majority of staff support and care for residents and day students, but there are also internal support roles such as Empowerment, Training, Finance and Administration.

To find out more about our structure or the Board of Directors please contact Jason Glass at jason@camphillblairdrummond.org.uk.

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    • “I’ve had an awesome time at Camphill Blair Drummond. Everyone at Camphill has been very nice. They have given me so many laughs. Overall, I have had a great three years as a Co-worker” – Nanae Tanoguchi (Co-worker).