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Arts and craft

Camphill Blair Drummond is continuously developing and fostering links with the wider community to offer residents and day students opportunities to participate fully and equally in society.

Our day care service provision has expanded in recent years and we continue to offer more creative and work-orientated experiences and activities, working in partnership with the Local Authorities.

Residents and Day Students are encouraged to learn and gain work experience appropriate to their abilities within the wider community, where we have links with the Stirling Council’s Employability Project. We already have links with Forth Valley College, Artlink and other projects in the Stirling area.

To find out more about our day care services for adults with learning disabilities, contact Gerry McKeown on 01786 841573 or email

Facilities and Therapies

At Camphill Blair Drummond, Residents and Day Students can access a range of activities suitable for their needs on an individual or group basis.

These include Music Therapy and Yoga. Our In Touch workshop has a well-equipped sensory room. This provides a calming environment to facilitate self-expression and discovery.

For leisure and recreation, our proximity to Stirling ensures that residents and staff have access to a wealth of facilities including cinemas, theatre, swimming pools, shops and restaurants.


At Camphill Blair Drummond, residents and day students gain skills, confidence and enjoyment from participating in meaningful and productive tasks.
Much of the day is spent in workshops. Each workshop is led by a Workshop Leader who sets interesting projects to develop students’ skills and abilities. Co-workers learn alongside residents and day students, providing encouragement and support according to individual needs.

There is a choice of indoor and outdoor activities with an emphasis on traditional methods and natural materials. Workshops include Basketry, Pottery, Craft, Woodwork, Textiles, The Bakery, Gardening, Estate Maintenance and our Transitional workshops for students with the highest level of need.

The quality of artwork and crafts produced is very high and a visit to our annual Advent Sale is an absolute must.

  • Basketry Workshop

    BasketryBasket weaving facilitates the development of skills in manual strength and precision, numeracy, concentration, and patience, all of which develop confidence to implement ideas. More importantly, it encourages students to be creative. The Basketry Workshop aims to provide an experience encompassing as many aspects of this age-old craft as the individual wishes to explore. To this end the workshop provides a secure and peaceful setting, maintaining a high level of support for students, and offering the necessary training and appropriate materials. Participants work with willow, cane, rush, raffia, sea grass and fabric, gathering materials locally whenever possible. Recently we have begun work with recyclables such as plastic and paper. Students work individually as well as in groups and are encouraged to experiment with colour, texture, shape, and size. Led by Kate Kramer, the Basketry Workshop offers an accessible working environment and makes available the opportunity to explore personal creativity through the hands, the eyes, and the heart of a basket maker.
  • Craft Workshop

    Kenneth Craftart work 2Craft Workshop at Camphill Blair Drummond is a hive of creativity and colour. Led by Cliff Jackman, who inspires students with his enthusiasm, the craft workshop offers a fantastic variety of activities to suit students’ differing abilities, interests and ambitions. Craft activities range from painting to photography, film-making, animation, candle-making, drumming to silk-scarf painting. The only limitation is your imagination. Students always manage to find something they enjoy. Different activities develop different skills. For instance, drawing improves eye to hand coordination, whereas candle-making encourages students to see a project through from start to finish. Light boxes enable students to draw representationally, with little support from staff. Touch screen computers allow students the opportunity to use technology to find images and investigate the wider world, for inspiration and ideas.
  • Estate Maintenance

      estateWorking on the estate, with David Carswell leading the tasks, is a great way for students to enjoy and take pride in the scenic surroundings at Camphill Blair Drummond. In spring, the rhododendrons, azaleas, snowdrops and daffodils are at their best and it is a pleasure to be outside planting and pruning. In the summertime you may find us cutting the grass or weeding. During the colder months we collect leaves for composting, chop logs and maintain the machinery. Looking after the estate is intensely rewarding and helps students to develop their concentration, co-ordination and team-working skills in pleasant surroundings.
  • Garden Workshop

    john r watering beansGordon Maria The garden workshop at Camphill Blair Drummond is governed by the seasons. Led by John Robertson and Maria Woods, students grow a range of organic food and materials for the households and wider community. During the busy summer months we harvest fruit and vegetables, some of which are used for chutney and jam-making during the quieter winter months. This teaches students that tasks performed earlier in the year can bring benefits later on. The therapeutic nature of gardening and the wide variety of tasks ensures that everyone can take part regardless of ability or strength.
  • InTouch

    textiles 1The InTouch workshop offers multi-sensory therapies and activities for students who need more support to engage with and respond to their environment. Workshop leader Andrea Peters uses craft, music, drama and dance to encourage responses, participation and creativity. Individual plans can be developed for students to focus on particular areas such as gross motor or fine motor skills, behaviour, emotions, or communication. Students have a one-to-one session with the Workshop Leader and at least one mini-group session per week. The balance of students is carefully chosen to ensure the experience is confidence-building, therapeutic and fun for everyone involved!
  • Pottery Workshop

    Mairi LLog 2014Mixed Pottery work and students October 2014 010The pottery workshop, led by Jeremy Wyatt, gives students an opportunity to create functional, fun and abstract objects in a relaxing and supportive environment. Students can get messy exploring different textures with their hands to express themselves and their creativity. Using new and recycled clay, we use a variety of methods to produce cups, bowls, and unique artworks for the households and local community. Students develop their fine motor skills, learn to help load up and empty the electric kiln and respond to the seasons. For example, in the summer months, students use leaves to create patterns in the work that they produce.
  • Textiles

    textiletextilesThe textiles workshop at Camphill Blair Drummond is led by Chantal Shiels. Students learn a variety of techniques to produce rugs, blankets, cushions and other functional items. Using colour and different textures, students can tap into their creativity and imagination to create beautiful objects.

    Embroidery is one of the skills that students can learn in textiles. Students are encouraged to embroider in the style that works for them, allowing them to express themselves through colour and design.

  • The Bakery

      Bakerycross bunsResidents and students at Camphill Blair Drummond enjoy the fabulous smell of freshly-baked bread every day. Supervised and supported by Zsolt Egerszegi, students in the bakery produce organic fresh breads, rolls and pizzas for the houses and for sale to the wider community. Birthday cakes are a speciality and always ensure birthdays are celebrated in true style! The rhythmical, daily routine of the bakery is ideal for students and residents who prefer more predictable or structured tasks.
  • Wood Workshop

    WoodworkThe wood workshop at Camphill Blair Drummond has a real sense of productivity to it. Students engage with nature and machine to sculpt beautiful objects. Workshop leader, Greg Bashford, is dedicated to his craft, and his enthusiasm for bringing out the natural characteristics of wood shines through in the work the students produce. Students are encouraged to tap into their imagination and come up with their own ideas. These requests are carefully balanced with abilities and practicalities to create functional and decorative items that give the makers a real sense of pride and enjoyment.
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    • “I worked as a relief worker at Camphill then became a permanent member of staff. Camphill are my extended family and I have made some really good friends both with the residents and staff” Lynsey Strang (1:1 support worker)