It’s good to stop again and look at some of the things that people within our community have achieved in recent months. It’s easy to forget how far we have come either individually or as a community when there still seems to be ‘so much to do’. However, here are a few snapshots.

In April, some residents performed in a local drama production of 3 Stars and a Quest – Tron Labyrinth organised by the Cowane Centre in Stirling. This has been a lot of hard work practising and attending rehearsals for Ashleigh, Scott, Gordon, David and Lisa, but has culminated in superb performances by all. Congratulations to you all for your dedication and impressive acting.

After a lot of work in the background from Elsie and her team, we now have a new CBD website which we are really pleased with. This website will be a lot more user-friendly, easier to update and generally nicer to look at. We had an introduction to the new website by Elsie followed by a community tea to celebrate.

Blair Drummond has been chosen to take part in a government-funded pilot to undertake Social Pedagogy (Building Relationships) Training. This will enable us to train 12 staff and also be part of an independent evaluation to see the impact of the course in how we work with residents and day students. We are very pleased to have been chosen and look forward to sharing the results of the pilot in due course.

As you drive into Blair Drummond, you will see our two new houses are really starting to take shape. This time around, the buildings just seem to be going up very quickly. It is fantastic to see the progress week by week. Residents have already been involved in choosing the furnishings and curtains for their rooms, so in many ways we feel much more prepared and organised. However I am sure there will be plenty of last minute rushing around as the time to move in gets closer!

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    • “When I bring David back to Blair Drummond after a couple of days at home, he gets a wonderful welcome from the others in his house. Leanne comes up with a big smile on her face and gives him a hug. Once, he was a little unhappy about me leaving and she jumped on to the sofa next to him, bouncing up and down, making him laugh” – Parent