Organise your own fundraiser

organise your own fundraiser

Organising your own fundraiser can be a fun and rewarding experience

If you would like to hold a fundraising event to help Camphill Blair Drummond, we’d be delighted to help. From the provision of fundraising materials, PR, support and guidance and suggestions as to what type of event you can host, we can work together to ensure that your event is a fantastic success. Here are a few good fundraising ideas to get you going:

Coffee Mornings, Lunches and Dinners

We all love a natter and what better way to spend our time than chatting over a mug of coffee with friends. Pop some cakes in the oven and invite your friends over to while away a pleasant morning.

A charity lunch or a “Come Dine with Me” dinner is another great way to get together with friends and raise funds for your favourite charity.

For those who like to do things on a grand scale, why not organise a charity dinner dance? It’s a great excuse to glam up for the evening!

If all the family want to help, then you could dine in for a month: no meals out, no afternoon coffee trips, no takeaways. Donate the money you save to Camphill Blair Drummond.

Performances and concerts

Everyone loves music. Whether it’s the sweet voices of children singing in a choir or some enthusiastic guitarists rolling out their favourite tunes in a bar, this is a popular choice for everyone to enjoy.

Celebration Gifts

Special occasions are marked with special gifts. What could be a greater gift than giving to a cause that is close to your heart? In lieu of a wedding or birthday gift, why not ask for a donation towards a cause that is special to you?

Memorial Gifts

Pay your respects to a loved one with a donation or a fundraising event in aid of a charity that meant so much to them.

Sales and Auctions

Raise funds by holding a charity sale or see who is the highest bidder at a charity auction. We don’t always have to sell objects. Do you have a special talent or hobby which you could share with others? Perhaps you are the next Jamie Oliver. If you have the time, why not auction your services?

Some fun ideas for further inspiration:

  • Dance displays
  • Talent shows
  • Spend the night in a haunted house
  • Sponsored silence
  • Host a quiz
  • Grow a beard or moustache (men only!)
  • Organise a murder mystery evening
  • Hold a movie night with friends. Choose your favourite film, cook the popcorn and invite your friends around for a night in.
  • Sponsored read
  • Guess the baby competition. A fun event for clubs, offices and schools.
  • Host a fashion show
  • Go to work in pyjamas – we dare you!

Please download our fundraising booklet for more information.

If you have any original or wacky ideas for fundraising, we would love to hear from you. Get creative with your own fundraiser, have fun and support our vital Appeal at the same time. We’d be delighted to hear from you if you want to find out more! We have fundraising packs and other useful materials available as well as lots of handy hints and tips so that you can make your very own fundraiser a big success. Please contact Lynda on 01786 843 047 or email

Camphill Blair Drummond: A UK charity to help adults with learning disabilities. It’s your chance to join us, raise vital funds and play a part in building Camphill Blair Drummond’s future.

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