Development at Camphill Blair Drummond


The Development Plan at Camphill Blair Drummond is progressing well. The Capital Development Plan was designed around several key phases of building activity. The aim of the first and second phase was to focus on our most vital needs and improvements: bespoke premises for four of our key workshops and our first two new residential houses. We are delighted that the first and second phases are now complete and the impact on everyone’s lives here has been extraordinary.

We are very excited that building work is now well underway for our new Parklands Houses at the entrance to our community, and we are all really enjoying seeing the new houses take shape. We expect the new houses to be complete in December 2014.

The Parklands Houses are a key turning point in our entire Capital Development Plan. Once they are finished, we will have completed 70% of our Development. Most importantly, we will have achieved our most important objectives: improving quality of life significantly for those whom we support, and increasing our numbers so we can reduce our waiting list and ensure future financial sustainability.

Once the Parklands Houses are complete, we will turn our sights to the refurbishment and extension of Clockhouse. The improved Clockhouse will enhance the quality of life for Harriet, Robin and Kevin and the staff and volunteers who support them. It will also have room for three additional residents, making it a livelier, more sociable place for our residents to enjoy.

When all the Development work is done, there will also be:

  • Newly-refurbished areas in the main house for daytime activities and community gatherings
  • Better outdoor and wheelchair access
  • More workshops, an activity centre, a café and a new reception area so that we can welcome visitors to our community
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    • “When I bring David back to Blair Drummond after a couple of days at home, he gets a wonderful welcome from the others in his house. Leanne comes up with a big smile on her face and gives him a hug. Once, he was a little unhappy about me leaving and she jumped on to the sofa next to him, bouncing up and down, making him laugh” – Parent