New workshops change lives

craftwebOur new Craft and In Touch workshops have now been up and running since late summer. We are already seeing the positive effects that the new purpose built workshops are having on the quality of life and learning experiences of all our residents and day students. The new buildings are a complete transformation from the previous settings and have brought about an equally impressive change in the lives of everyone using them.

The new ‘In Touch’ workshop, designed for students with additional support needs, has two main rooms, a sensory room, a multi-purpose room and a small 1:1 room. The workshop has more space. It’s light and airy, offering a much nicer environment and atmosphere.  There are more opportunities for learning such as dance and drama which we just couldn’t offer before.

The new Craft workshop also benefits from increased space allowing students to work on several different projects at one time.  The computer stations have enabled the students to develop new talents which have enhanced their time spent in the workshops.There is also access to an outside space for learning so that students will be able to work outside or have a tea break in the sun during the summer months which they are all really looking forward to.

The new workshops offer the students the opportunity to grow and realise their potential. Harriet and Leanne are enjoying being able to set up and clear away after tea break, something they couldn’t do before as there was no space for a sink, or storage for the cups. It’s wonderful what a sense of achievement we get from learning and working together. The new workshops have enabled us all to grow in a way which wasn’t possible before.

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