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Camphill Blair Drummond decided to join in the craze for Swishing parties, by holding our very own to raise money for our charity.

We held our Swishing party on Thursday 30th January at Camphill Blair Drummond, and residents, staff, parents and people from the local community came along to share in the fun of the event!

Elsie Riley, Regional Fundraising Manager for Camphill Blair Drummond said “Swishing parties are now one of the most popular ways of getting new clothes; they are great for saving money and saving the planet, and in our case also a great opportunity to raise a little bit of money for our charity.”

“The night was a lot of fun! We all got to take away some fabulous new items, and feel great about it too! It wasn’t an expensive night, everyone only paid £5 to come along. We were being environmentally friendly by recycling our old stuff and best of all, we knew that it was contributing to our charities future and would make a difference!”

“So we’d like to encourage everyone to join in the fun and hold your very own Swishing party. Even if you haven’t tried it before! Swishing parties are so simple and easy to organise. Just invite your friends over, ask them to make a donation of £5 for charity to attend and bring items for swapping.”

The Swishing night was enjoyed by everyone. A Swishing Party particpant said “I loved the Swishing party, there were so many lovely things to choose from, and we could choose any five items that we wanted. Just imagine, only £5 to attend, and I went away with a box of chocolates, some new jewellery, a DVD, a Jamie Oliver cookbook and some german gingerbread. All this, and I was supporting the Camphill Blair Drummond Appeal”

If you would like to hold your own ‘Swish’ for Camphill Blair Drummond, please contact Elsie Riley on 01786 843047 or e-mail We can give you help and advice on organizing your event.


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