Why I became a Friend of CBD

Katie Cleary recently became a Friend of Camphill Blair Drummond (CBD)


Q:  How do you know about CBD? 

A:  I’ve always been quite close to my oldest brother, Dom. He has been a resident there for over 12 years now, since just before he turned 18. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about CBD and I think it is a great place.


Q:  What motivated you to support CBD?

A:  There aren’t many options available to adults such as my brother who require additional care and support after they finish school. These young adults may require care but they don’t belong in care homes. CBD provides such individuals with a home, meaningful daily activities and a place that they belong within the community. For my brother, living there enables him to do all the things he already enjoys and try a whole range of new things.


Q:  Why did you specifically choose to support us by becoming a Friend?

A:   I intend to support the Development in other ways but becoming a Friend was a simple and easy way for me to get involved in the meantime. It’s not a lot of money for each individual Friend to commit to but it starts to add up very quickly if enough people sign up to be a Friend. For example if 100 new Friends commit to £10 a month then that’s an additional £15,000 (including gift aid) of donations in a single year.


Q:  Why do you think the Camphill Blair Drummond Appeal is important?

A:   I think the Appeal is important to ensure that CBD has a long future. It will create new purpose built facilities and open up the community to more residents and day students who can benefit greatly. I think you only have to spend a short time looking at the plans and the workshops that have already been built to really appreciate what a huge difference the Appeal is making.


Q:  What difference do you think the new houses and workshops will make?

A: The new workshops are really impressive. Technology enables even those with the most complex learning difficulties to get involved and obtain the sense of achievement and self-worth that comes with being able to do things they previously couldn’t.


Q:  What difference do you think it would make if we could not go ahead with the Development?

A:   Not going ahead with the Development would prevent additional adults benefiting from CBD.  It would also limit the support that the current residents receive by halting the planned improvements to accommodation and workshops. I really do think CBD is a very unique and special place. It would be sad if the Development could not go ahead when so much has already been achieved.

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