Online Day Service

Welcome to our new Online Day Service. 

We wanted to find a way to stay in touch and keep connected with our Day Students. We wanted to make sure that whatever we offered was interactive, seasonal, informative and, of course, fun! A place where we could stay connected as a community whilst staying safe in our homes during the Covid restrictions. We wanted a platform that could run consistently regardless of the tier system, and that would compliment our building-based services once they were able to resume. From this, the Online Day Service was created.

From here, Day Students can access a range of sessions run by the Camphill Day Service staff. The sessions will provide an opportunity to remind ourselves of what is going on in our community, whether that be on campus or in the wider community at home with our Day Students. It will also be an opportunity to remind ourselves of the wide range of activities available at Camphill Blair Drummond, such as woodwork and music. Most importantly, it will provide an opportunity for students and staff to reconnect and maintain that community life that we most value at Camphill Blair Drummond.