Meaningful Activities

A rounded life

We want everyone at Camphill Blair Drummond to lead a rounded life. Gaining skills and leading a meaningful, productive life builds confidence. The importance this makes to our wellbeing can’t be underestimated. This is what we work towards for all of our residents and our day students, and it’s what they deserve.

Our residents and day students get involved every day with different workshops and activities, which fit their particular needs and help foster that all-important sense of purpose. The opportunities available build real-life skills. Our co-workers also participate and learn from the workshop leaders along with the students.

Work the land

Camphill Blair Drummond is based on a beautiful five-acre estate and there’s lots of opportunities for our residents and day students to work on the land. There are gardens to look after, including the formal Potager garden and greenhouses, a kitchen garden where we grow fruit and vegetables which we all enjoy, and extensive grounds to maintain. We also have a small farm called Eastwood which is home to pigs, two Shetland ponies, chickens, ducks, rabbits and turkeys. Working with the animals is very therapeutic for our residents and day students, that’s why Eastwood farm is also known as ‘Animaltastic’!

Make it

We also offer craft-based workshops and activities, the bakery being at the heart of these activities. We like to use traditional methods and natural materials and our students enjoy basketry, pottery and glass making. We also have textile and craft workshops. Every year we hold an Advent Sale where we sell our artwork and crafts, and the quality is very high.

Skills for everyone

Some of our students have higher support needs but they still share the same need we all have to be part of something, and to contribute. They learn skills in workshops such as basket weaving, pottery and candle-making, and get a vital sense of purpose from being involved. We also offer music therapy and yoga, and have a sensory room in our InTouch workshop.

Growing for the future

Camphill Blair Drummond has a big vision for the future. And some of that vision is offering opportunities to others beyond our immediate community. We’re refurbishing our bakery and when it's open and ready for business there will be genuine work on offer, to people with identified needs in the wider community.  Maybe they need to retrain, to gain new practical skills, to find a place where they can thrive.

We’re a living, growing community and we want to be more than simply part of the local landscape. We aim to embrace the spirit of social enterprise, and offer employment opportunities, and value for money in any of our output. Our new bakery is just the start. Watch this space!

To find out more about our Day Service, please contact Gerry McKeown on 01786 841573 or email [email protected]