Trustees and Management

Our Structure

Camphill Blair Drummond Trust is a limited company, governed by a Board of Trustees, who meet on a regular basis as a Council of Management, to oversee its operations and strategic direction. To find out about our structure or our Board of Trustees, please contact Jason Glass at [email protected].

There are currently 10 members of the Council of Management, and they include professionals, parents and local people who bring with them a wide range of skills and knowledge:

The Director of Operations is Jason Glass who with his Senior Leadership Team, is responsible for the operational functions of Camphill Blair Drummond.

In total there are 103 members of staff, 37 full-time International volunteers and over 40 local volunteers. The majority of employees support and care for residents and day students, but internal support roles such as Empowerment, Training, Finance and Administration all contribute to the smooth running of Camphill Blair Drummond.

Board Of Trustees

Board of Trustees

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Senior Leaders

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