Discover the Rich Culture and Beauty of Scotland

Climb the majestic mountains of the Highlands, go island-hopping in the Outer Hebrides, stroll along remote white beaches on the west coast, wander through ancient pine forests, dance until you can dance no more at a ceilidh, taste haggis on Burn’s Night, drink whisky straight from the sherry cask it matured in, hear the roar of red deer stags in the glens, catch a rare sighting of the Loch Ness monster, explore ancient castles and historic cities, lose yourself amongst the street artists and performers at the International Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and be moved by the skirl of the bagpipes as they fill the air at Highland games and festivals.

Camphill Blair Drummond is the perfect base, offering endless possibilities for outdoor adventures. If you prefer to stay closer to home, Camphill Blair Drummond is a village in itself – you don’t even need to leave the site on your days off. The historic city of Stirling – with its own ancient and dramatic castle as a backdrop, is itself only a few miles away from Camphill.

‘I always knew Scotland had a beautiful landscape but I was still surprised when I came here – even on a short walk around Camphill Blair Drummond you find astonishing sights.’ Zoe – Germany
‘The place here is so pretty and Scotland is so beautiful.’ Tais – Brazil
‘You have a beautiful view of mountains – and giraffes!’ Eva – Germany