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HHelp us win £1,000 for our Sensory Room

Fantastic opportunity to nominate Camphill Blair Drummond for a free £1,000 charity draw

The Benefact Group are running a free Movement for Good draw in time for Christmas.

You can nominate us online in less than 5 minutes by clicking the following link:

click here

- In the search box, type "Camphill Blair Drummond"

- From the drop-down box select "SC001917 Camphill Blair Drummond Trust Ltd"

- From the drop-down box for Charity Type, select " Disability"

- Complete "name, email address and who you are"

- Click on "Nominate your Charity"

- You will then receive confirmation of your nomination

Every nomination gives us another chance to win. Anyone can do this, but each individual is only allowed one vote. Please share this link to all your family, friends and your social media contacts. 100 charities will each be given £1,000, so please help us be one of those charities!

The deadline is 17th December 2023, but please nominate us now so you don’t run the risk of forgetting. If we win, the £1,000 will go towards funding our new Multi-Purpose Sensory Room.

Thank you for your support.

Fri 20th Oct 2023

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